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Microsoft is notifying the user about Windows 10 1903

Jun. 28, 2019

There have been some errors and problems with the Microsoft Windows 10 May / 1903 feature update since the beginning of the Microsoft implementation at the end of May.

Microsoft has added a new notification that will be shown to certain users whose devices can not mount or install the update when they try to proactively recover version 1903. Microsoft has added a new message on its Windows Update page.

In a May 21 blog post, Microsoft employees announced that the company intended to automatically update devices that worked in April 2018 and earlier versions of Windows 10 to Windows 10 1903. Last week, employees Microsoft shared this with the Windows Update account on Twitter, creating and forming automatic learning implementation processes that would allow it.

Business customers who manage their Windows updates take into account their policies for device updates. Customers who use Windows Update policies for businesses to determine when to update their devices will not receive updates until the waiting period expires.

For added protection, Microsoft prevents updates to device updates in the cloud, including managed devices, in the case of a known problem that could affect it.

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